• Notify Coach Jeff and Coach Jones of conflicts/illness as soon as possible

  • Prescheduled and unavoidable conflicts are due prior to the start of the season. Anything after is potentially an unexcused absence and could lead to suspension from a practice or match. No-shows at practices or matches without direct notification to coaches will automatically result in a match suspension.

  • Be on time. You should be on the court before or at 3 PM on practice days. Be prompt and dressed to play on match days. Neither the bus nor your opponents will wait for you.

  • Stay in good academic standing and abide by the OHS Code of Conduct.

  • Drug and alcohol violations will be punished by the rules of OHS Code .

  • All players will stay for the entire match to support their teammates. That means being there at the beginning and staying until the end. Permission to leave early will be granted by coaches for unique circumstances only.

  • As much as possible, players will actively support their teammates during matches - watching and cheering as opposed to doing homework or texting. Players will be near the courts and ready to go on as soon as their match is called.

  • Singles line-ups are set according to the challenge ladder. Players can request to challenge during or outside of a practice; coaches have final say of how practice time is used.

  • Doubles line-ups are set according to coach evaluations and doubles challenge matches. A spot on the singles challenge ladder does not automatically equate to a specific doubles position or a varsity/JV spot. Coaches will look for key skills, qualities, and partnerships when creating doubles teams.

  • Players must demonstrate good sportsmanship at all times, pursuant to the OHSAA/USTA rules and to the expectations of the OHS coaching staff. That includes but is not limited to calls and language towards each other, opponents, opposing players and coaches, and OHS coaches and parents.





  • Cheering should occur in between points and not disrupt a point in action. Cheering should be positive and for our players’ good shots or winners and NOT for opponents’ errors or double faults.

  • Parents may not coach or interfere with a match at any point in time. This includes calling line calls or scores, speaking to the opponent directly, or commenting on strategy or strokes. Only OHS coaches are permitted to coach players, according to the OHSAA/USTA rules, and other coaching may subject the player to point or match penalties.

  • Coaches will use discretion as to when they approach and coach a player during a match.

  • As stated above, players should remain for the entire match, whether it is home or away, to support their team, just as they would for other sports. Special circumstances, when discussed with the coach ahead of time, may be exceptions.